Our trained, licensed, and experienced professionals have come together in a unique effort to complement your traditional medical experience. Our cooperative offers a wide variety of drug-free alternative therapies.

Unique Partnership Complements

Traditional Healthcare

Many of us are interested in finding ways to improve our health. There

are many natural ways to prevent illness, reduce our stress and eliminate painful symptoms. Four practitioners have joined together under the name of Natural Health Partners and moved into new offices at 111 Baptist Street, Suite 101, in Salisbury, MD.


Elizabeth "Betty" Verplank is a licensed acupuncturist and owner of Light Touch Acupuncture LLC. She practices traditional Chinese medicine and Jin Shin Jyutsu®, a traditional Japanese healing art for harmonizing life energy. "Acupuncture helps to relieve the symptoms of many health problems,” she said. Tiny disposable sterile needles are placed gently into specific points which activates the natural self­-healing ability of the body. It strengthens and supports the body to prevent future illness and disease, control pain and soothe chronic conditions. Call (410) 713-­0782 or visit www.lighttouchacupuncture.com.


At InTouch Bodyworks, Nora Lawson uses her 20 years of experience to provide integrative massage as well as Ortho­-Bionomy, a gentle, non-­invasive, hands­-on method of pain relieving bodywork. Patients may choose to wear comfortable clothing during the session. Learn more at www.intouchbodyworks.massagetherapy.com or call (443) 523­-4133 for an appointment.


Dennis Lawson is a certified hypnotist in a business called Your MBS Coach. MBS stands for mind, body and spirit. "Hypnosis is ideal for healthy people seeking a unique method of self- improvement," Lawson said. It also offers a safe, drug­ free method of stress management, weight loss and help with tobacco cessation. Furthermore, hypnosis, being fundamental to your mind-­body connection, can help improve your sports performance. For an appointment, call (443) 366­-4721 or email dennis@themalc.org.


Chris Himmel and Henriette den Ouden founded Habanera Farm LLC in Tyaskin eight years ago. Himmel is a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist and a Spiritual and Wellness Consultant. Using the teachings of ancient wisdom traditions and nature, Himmel offers individual and group spiritual and wellness coaching focused on moving on after experiencing a life change (such as death, divorce, graduation, retirement) to bring harmony, balance and awareness into one's life


Den Ouden, who has a master’s degree in Herbal Medicine, uses modern, science­-based herbalism, traditional Western and Native American herbalism. She creates a blend of herbs specifically for the unique needs and possibilities of each individual client. She specializes in chronic pain, emotional challenges, digestive issues, skin problems, auto-immune diseases and menopause and also welcomes any other health challenge.


Visit www.habanerafarm.com for more information or call (410) 873­-2953.