Our trained, licensed, and experienced professionals have come together in a unique effort to complement your traditional medical experience. Our cooperative offers a wide variety of drug-free alternative therapies.


Elizabeth Verplank, L.Ac.

Light Touch Acupuncture, LLC




Acupuncture helps to relieve the symptoms of many health problems. Tiny disposable sterile needles are gently placed into specific points on the body, which activates your body’s natural self-healing ability. Acupuncture strengthens and supports the body to prevent future illness and disease, controls pain, and soothes chronic conditions. Jin Shin Jyutsu® is a traditional Japanese healing art that harmonizes the flow of life energy.


Nora Lawson, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist




Integrative massage uses a combination of techniques to get the best therapeutic results. It is a full body massage tailored to the individual client. Ortho-Bionomy® is a gentle, noninvasive, hands-on method of pain-relieving body work. Patients may choose to wear comfortable clothing during the session.

Henriette den Ouden, M.S.

Herbalist and Health Coach

410-873-2953   •   302-604-9856



Western herbalism combines modern, science-based herbalism and traditional western and Native American herbalism. We create a blend of herbs for your unique needs. This herbalist specializes in chronic pain, emotional challenges, skin problems, autoimmune diseases, menopausal symptoms, digestive issues, and will welcome addressing any other health challenge you may have.

Chris Himmel, M.A., CTACC, OM

Certified Grief Recovery Specialist

Spiritual and Wellness Consultant

410-873-2593   •   302-604-9856



Individual and group spiritual and wellness coaching focuses on moving on after experiencing a life change (such as a death, divorce, graduation, or retirement). Using teachings from ancient wisdom traditions and nature, we can bring harmony, balance, and greater awareness into your life.



Dennis Lawson, CH

Consulting Hypnotist

Mind-Body-Spirit Coach




Hypnosis is ideal for healthy people seeking a unique method of self-improvement. It offers a safe, drug-free method for stress management, weight loss and tobacco cessation. Hypnosis is utilized by the best athletes to improve their sports performance. Just like these athletes, you can learn to condition your mind to achieve high levels of success.